Trousers to perfection

Gerke – my pants appeal to all those women who do not want to compromise when it comes to quality, workmanship and fit. To ensure that our quality standards are always met, we produce exclusively in Europe. Here we rely on our experience of over 80 years in the custom tailoring craft. Whether it is elegant, business-like, sporty or casual – Gerke expertly combines the highest expectation of quality and fit with carefully balanced trendy details. The Gerke trousers are available in different fits, so that each one of our customers can find what she is looking for.
In order to also find the perfect fit for their style, the names Moni, Silja, Lilo, Lora, Gabi und Gabi CS among others give information at a glance about the respective specifics regarding the fit. Thus it can be determined quickly and easily which type of trousers best brings out the customer’s style.


Characteristics, which improve

In order to live up to our quality standards, we acquire our goods from suppliers with a worldwide reputation. Selected denims and cotton we receive from Italy, Spain and Turkey, finest polyester-rayon, wool and high quality ceramica rayon from Portugal. Additionally, the materials used by us are finished by the following: ceramica or carbonium fibres to ensure an optimal heat regulation and that the trousers are very easy to clean, Eternal colour-qualities to guarantee that the colour will not be lost when the clothes are washed, fine fabric from PIMA-cotton for a refined appearance and a smooth feel.